Sat. May 28th, 2022 San Francisco:- Currently, the Guatemalan consular network on US territory is dealing with the fallout from a government change that has resulted in its national people’s being kept in limbo by an appointment system that handles unchecked passports that are as hard to understand as water and oil.

The next day, after receiving a copy of the complaint published in The Los Angeles Times, we visited the website to confirm that at least 16 of the 21 consulates accept customers who have made appointments online or via the contact center. San Francisco San Francisco

What’s surprising is that just eight consulates will accommodate your request for an appointment for the next day or the following week; these include the offices in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Phoenix, Oklahoma City, Raleigh, Seattle, Miami, and Denver, among other locations. Booking an appointment at the other consulates, on the other hand, has become a nightmare due to long waiting times ranging from 42 to 184 days, which is comparable to six months.

Lake Worth (42 days), San Francisco (53 days), Chicago (59 years), Houston (120 days), Providence (114 days), Silver Spring (150 years), and New York City are the cities that have reached this level (184). No other options are provided by Atlanta, other than the statement that there are no appointments available this month. It is “unfair” to him, according to Carlos López, a resident of Guatemala City. People who do not have legal status are also there, and the consulates are not doing their part to assist them. San Francisco San Francisco

For the time being, there are two methods for requesting an appointment at the consulate in the event that you need any kind of procedure. The first is to use the following URL to request an appointment: According to the Guatemalan consul, it “takes five minutes to arrange your appointment. It is extremely simple and quick.”

The website will be operational again on February 28 for scheduling appointments for the month of March. In addition to using the website, you may make an appointment for any operation by calling the call center. San Francisco San Francisco

However, this may take a little longer since all calls are routed via this center to one of the 23 Guatemalan consulates located around the United States. If you simply need to consult a brief piece of information, you may do so by interacting using Messenger on the consulate’s Facebook page, where around 170 messages are received daily and responded to by three different consular officers.

This difficulty corresponds with the implementation of the undocumented driver’s license in New York, under which a valid passport and identity papers from the Consulate, such as consular registration, are necessary in order to get access to the state license in question.

This license may be processed for handling by immigrants who are in the state on an irregular basis as of Monday, December 16th. Guatemalans with a significant presence in Guatemala are estimated to gain in the region of 250,000 people. San Francisco San Francisco